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OnePeople HR is aiming to be a trusted partner for thousands of companies across Australia. Our national team of Consultants are devoted exclusively to finding the right candidate fit for your company.

Quality is OnePeople HR's driving force

To achieve our outcome and our promise to you, we have pre-screened all our candidates through our unique candidate matching program, CMyPeople, which allows us to instantly match your position descriptions against thousands of candidates almost instantly.

The OnePeople HR process is simple and straight forward. We start by:

  • Obtaining the Job Specification from the Hiring Manager.
  • Create CMyPeople job profile and confirm back to the Hiring Manager.
From this point we begin our detailed recruitment and selection process, which entails:

  • Engaging with the relevant Job Services Australia providers in the region where the employment is to occur, as well as advertising and disseminating information in relation to the roles through our network of media and community contacts, as well as or comprehensive database of candidates.
  • Using the CMyPeople process to evaluate local jobseekers and their degree of fit against any or all availabel roles. In situations in which we are unable to find a quality candidate we will inform the Hiring Manager in the time frames agreed at the initail engagement of service.
  • Profiling the potential candiaite to identify any gaps that need to be addressed prior to appointment to the availabel position.
  • Commencing discussions with the potential candidate about availability/start date, working environment, pay rates and any training that they would be required to complete prior to commencement with our client. In most cases First People HR will cover costs of preliminary training that may be required priro to commencement.
  • Initiating any skill and/or induction training required by our client.

On commencement of a OnePeople HR candidate, we will:
  • Meet the approved candidate on site and introduce them to the Hiring Manager to provide an introduction to the work environment.
  • We will then continually monitor and evaluate our candidate's performance through a program of daily and weekly phone support and site visits. It is imperative that our staff have a strong understanding of your work environment and the operational parameters to ensure these visits have no impact on the productive capacity of the oganisation.

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