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Recruitment services

Pre-screen resumes

OnePeople HR will call and pre-screen all resumes received from the client in relation to the position and requirements. We will also submit the results in writing, ranking the candidates in accordance with salary expectations.

Schedule appointments

OnePeople HR will schedule the candidates who are qualified for assessments/interviews.

CMy People® testing and assessment services

At OnePeople HR, whether for commercial or industrial positions, we can provide assessment services through the use of CMy People®, a proprietary, web-based, online, assessment tool, which is designed to test, train, measure and evaluate the suitability of an individual for a particular vacancy.

Training via tutorials

OnePeople HR can assist in upgrading the skills of your internal employees or provide training in learning new software skills, allowing your employees to stay abreast of new versions or programs.

Psychometric testing and assessment

OnePeople HR uses a world leading behavioural assessment tool providing validated, positive, non-critical, behavioural analysis. This tool emphasises a candidate’s strengths and capabilities in the work environment.

Standard behavioural based interviewing

OnePeople HR will ask the standard interview questions pertaining to key areas such as skill/work history.

Customised behavioural based interviewing

In addition to the standard interview questions, OnePeople HR will design a customised interview, based specifically for your positions. These questions will enable OnePeople HR to gain precise knowledge in key areas as directed by you.

First People HR will provide you with the summary notes of this interview.

Reference checks

OnePeople HR will initiate a reference checking process that draws from the candidate’s skill assessment data, along with their resume to begin detailed discussions with past employers.

When researching work experience, OnePeople HR will probe for specific work ethic information rather than simply verifying dates of employment. The resulting information presents a multi-dimensional profile that anchors past performance to skill proficiencies.

Exit interviews

OnePeople HR will develop a questionnaire to specifically gain insight on improvements and/or successes within your organisation. Third party exit interviews are a valuable tool, providing the employee with a secure environment to convey their ideas/concerns.

The above process ensures that OnePeople HR provides our clients with the best in recruitment solutions and HR consulting services.

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