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Consulting services

OnePeople HR Consulting includes services such as:

  • global online assessment skills
  • outsourcing
  • mass recruitment
  • team diagnostics and coaching
  • organisational climate assessment
  • leader identification, selection and development.

OnePeople HR Consulting Services is a full, professional Human Resources toolbox, a combination of specialised knowledge and skills, focused on providing you with successful solutions to your Indigenous Human Resource management challenges.

Other key areas of expertise are marketing recruitment strategies, mass recruitment, organisational development and recruitment-related services.

Maximising your organisation’s human potential

The mission of OnePeople HR Consulting Services is to assess human potential – the very essence of an organisation – in order to highlight each person's best attributes and preserve their self-esteem. As Australia’s leading Indigenous HR consulting firm, our values of Integrity, Respect and Enterprise are consistent with our mission and guide us in our performance.

For more information on how OnePeople HR Consulting Services can support your human resource management strategies contact us today.


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